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Plogging: "Environmental Excercise"

How often do we see notice people jogging as we drive through the streets? How often do we go out for a run ourselves? How often do we hear about the endless physical benefits that daily running provides? Nowadays, running has become the most common exercise worldwide. Everyone can do it, requiring no obligatory equipment of any kind; just motivation and a desire to improve our own fitness.

However, what if there was a way to not only improve our fitness but also make a positive impact on the environment as we jog? In recent years, a movement has began to surface in many countries; a movement I feel, is not getting the amount of attention it deserves. Dubbed “Plogging” (the combination of plucking and jogging), the activity offers a fresh new take on how we view running. A simple premise: picking up garbage as you run; combines the, already extensive, benefits of running with a positive impact on the environment around you. Starting in Sweden and founded by Erik Ahlström, the activity has any willing runner add a bag and a pair of gloves to their running equipment. While running through the streets, beaches, parks and wilderness; runners are challenged to pick up litter as they pass by it, filling up their bags and dropping off their contents once they encounter bins or recycling stations. Plogging also adds more complexity to your workout, requiring you to implement abdominal or gluteus exercise in many creative ways to pick up the garbage from the floor.

Not only do I invite you all to give Plogging a try next time you go out for a run, but present you with the thought: Why stop stop there? It is now easier than ever before to encourage and influence others:

  • tell a friend

  • build a Plogging group with your community (there might already be one near you!)

  • mention it on social media

  • share this post to challenge others to try it themselves

  • create an event

And if running is not necessarily your go to activity, do not let that stop you:

  • bring a bag and gloves with you on your walk to work or class, while you walk your pet, as you stroll through the park.

  • Keep a pocket on your backpack reserved for storing litter found on the streets.

  • Give any suggestions as to how to implement this practice into even more activities of our daily lives.

It takes only one person running through the streets with a bag filled with litter during rush hour, passing by many drivers stuck in traffic; to make many of them reflect and consider avoiding littering the streets or even give Plogging a try. With your help in taking action and spreading the word it is possible to “make Plogging the new jogging” helping not only ourselves into achieving a better physique but simultaneously improving the environment and reducing waste on the streets. This practice encompasses very specifically what it means to carry out efficient living: making the most out of our daily lives always taking into account the well being of those around us and, of course, the environment.

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